Help choosing the correct gym flooring

Gym flooring - It is essential that you choose the perfect base for your gym, whether it is your home, commercial, club or hotel gym.

At Mac Strength Gym Equipment we have years of experience helping customers to determine the correct type of flooring for their space.

Important factors to consider are:

• Thickness - what thickness is correct for your space and why? Customers may have to consider all varieties due to noise pollution, day to day abuse from free weights or simply cost.

• Rubber flooring, Speed track or both?

Rubber flooring is a vital base for all free weights exercises due to its noise cancelling and absorption properties.

For calculating the amount of mats needed it is very simple. Our mats measure 1 metre square (1 metre x 1 metre) Simply measure your space in metres and multiply the length by the width and this gives you your total coverage. For example, a space measures 4 metres long by 4 metres wide so 4x4= 16 so 16 metres square therefore you would need 16 mats. For more help please contact us for custom quotes. We can help advise how many mats you need to allow for cutting around edges etc. 

Speed Track serves a purpose but only for explosive power and speed exercises. For long term use and overall maintenance it is not the most suitable flooring for all exercises and it is best to plan out the space needed for all of your exercises.

Contact us and we can help you get off to the right start.