Weight benches, GHD, Hyper extension

Weight benches are a vital part of gyms nowadays. 
Light commercial and semi commercial benches are our best selling benches due to the amount of home gyms, club and community gyms in use.

Light and semi commercial benches are suitable for home, gaa, soccer, community and some youth rugby gyms as our light commercial benches can withstand weights of up to 260-300kg.

For commercial gyms especially those with heavy footfall and various weights and strengths of customers we recommend using a commercial bench. Investment in a proper bench is always advised. 

Be it light or full commercial we advise you to buy the best suited bench so you only buy once.

Our benches can be customised if you prefer a little bit of colour rather than the standard black to set your gym apart. We offer this service at a small fee depending if you want a small part of the frame such as the small seat leg or the the entire frame coated in another colour. 

Glute Ham development benches are fantastic for isolating and strengthening the glutes or for performing abdominal work. Runners, rugby players and gaa players all use our GHD benches for performance. 

contact us today to choose the correct bench for you! 

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