Home Gyms

Home gym setups are proving more popular every day. Customers are opting to kit out their garages or spare rooms to keep on track with their fitness goals consistently and comfortably in their own home.

Follow these steps when kittinf our your own space.

Firstly if you have funds to start from scratch then you may consider building a purpose built shed for the job. Classes sheds are perfect for home gyms as they are most cost efficient build. Try to minimise the amount of windows so you don’t bake in roasting sun in the summer time. Make sure you have a roller door to open in the summer time to let some natural light and much needed cool air in.

Flooring - Choosing a good base is key. Our black 15mm flooring is by far the most popular range of flooring as it is cheaper and perfect for protecting the concrete floor. If you have the funding then 20mm is even better for keeping the noise down, especially if your gym is close to a house or other residential spaces.

Squatting station - We have a wide range of squatting stations available to suit all budgets and spaces. If one person will be working out at any one time we have commerical half racks with storage and semi commerical power racks as well as wall mounted rigs or folding racks depending on the type of structure you are kittinf out and the space available.

Weights - Next we come to all important weights. A good barbell is vital. We have standard Olympic barbells for general free weights use, a ladies bar (15kg) or if you intend on dropping weights from overhead or deadlifting over 250kg we have the elite bar to bring your training to the next level. There are two main bumper plate packs to choose from, 100kg or 150kg. If you are unsure then it’s best to start off with 100kg and add as you go along.

Dumbbells - There are various sets of dumbbells to choose from. If you plan to use multiple sizes then it is best to highly consider purchasing a full set of dumbbells as we are competitively priced.

Bench - Our adjustable bench is a great tool for working inside or around a squat rack so you can perform countless exercises.

Machines & Accessories - We have a vast range of machines and accessories available to purchase and this all depends on your budget.

If you need help deciding which is best for you then please do not hesitate to get in touch.