Bicep curl /Tricep extension combo machine

Bicep curl /Tricep extension combo machine

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The Mac Strength Bicep Curl/Tricep Extension machine is the perfect machine for working your biceps and triceps directly, as this machine allows your bicep muscles contract both concentrically and eccentrically during the bicep curl and when you curl the weight up, the biceps muscle creates enough force to overcome the external resistance. Additionally, the tricep extension helps to target the muscles of the long head of triceps . Tricep extensions are an excellent strength training exercise designed to build strength, definition, and stamina in the triceps build and shape the upper posterior arm muscles.

The adjustable seats and pads allow users to find their ideal position to maximise performance and ensure optimal ergonomics and comfort while the cabling design ensures maximum lifting capability. The Mac Strength Bicep Curl/Tricep Extension machine also comes in a sleek black design with a chrome finish making it an ideal addition to both home and commercial gyms.

This machine is designed and constructed to withstand the heavy use of busy commercial gym environments and is backed by a commercial 1 year parts warranty. This machine also includes a 100kg weight stack, an ideal weight range in which you can practice progressive overload, increasing both strength and muscle mass.


This product comes in a boxed crate and light assembly is required. As it comes in parts it can then be brought through doorways etc to be assembled in any space. Full instructions are included. Many customers choose to build these as the larger parts are pre built and require only light assembly.

Assembly available at additional cost anywhere in Ireland or UK. Please contact us to request a quote for this.