C2 Spin Bike
C2 Spin Bike
C2 Spin Bike

C2 Spin Bike

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The C2 Spin Bike is a semi-commercial spinning bike. The Bike is fitted with both a cast iron flywheel and comes with a Pad Brake System. This system allows the user to increase the resistance and the intensity of the exercise. The Bike’s powder coating makes it more durable, so it requires less maintenance, making it perfect for any semi-commercial setting like a PT Studio 


The C2 comes with a rear flywheel which offers a smooth, realistic cycling experience. The design allows for a small footprint which is perfect for those looking for space efficiency.

The Spin Bike’s Pad Brake System makes it suitable for everyone, as it gives the user control over the resistance of the bike. The system makes the Spin Bike ideal for both low and high intensity workouts.

The bike comes with a computer console included which the user can track: time, speed, rpm, distance and calories burnt.



Burns Calories.

Improves cardiovascular fitness.

Great for weight loss.

Ideal for muscle tone.




  • Racing Bike with Belt
  • Pad brake system
  • 18kg cast iron flywheel