Curved Runner Treadmill
Curved Runner Treadmill
Curved Runner Treadmill
Curved Runner Treadmill
Curved Runner Treadmill

Curved Runner Treadmill

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With this Full Commercial curved treadmill take your training to the next level. This treadmill is the ideal addition to any gym looking to bring a low impact, high intensity to their training. 8 gears provide plenty of varied resistance to suit all levels.

Users can take advantage of the built in handle bars and lean forward to create maximum drive for sprinting. Great for fartlek style training as the treadmill slows down instantly when you stop running to make it as safe and controllable as possible so it really is suitable for all levels of runners, new and experienced.

Reach new limits with the self-generating Curved Treadmill! No electricity or plugging in required, the Curve Treadmill is very low maintenance and 100% powered by you. The arc running belt is designed to make your running experience as comfortable as possible. The curve creates very low impact on the knee and ankle joints and is created to feel as if you're running on the track.

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Key features & benefits

No speed limit – perfect for sprinters or beginners.
Burns 30% more calories than a flat treadmill.
Easy to use, just jump on and start running!
Alter the resistance using the handle on the side, to meet your workout goals.
Arc running belt makes it easier and safer on the joints and ankles.
Ideal if you're returning from injury and want to begin working the muscles again.
Gives you a variety of exercises - sprint, power-walk, side step shuffle and more.
Ideal for HIIT training.


Technical specifications

  • Product Dimensions: Length 171 x Width 96 x Height 171 cm
  • Running surface: 170 x 47.5 cm
  • Self Powdered with 8 Resistance levels
  • Belt type: Individual rubber slats
  • Noise level below 80 dBA
  • Protection level: IP 20
  • Product weight: 190kg | Max User Weight: 180kg
  • Chest strap Included

Console/Workouts –

  • The console on this machine has a LCD screen and is battery operated. The console feedback Speed, Distance, Time, Calories burnt and also Pulse.


  • Frame 5 years
  • Non wear parts 1 year 

The curved treadmill provides a workout that is powered using no electricity whatsoever. Research shows that the self powered Air Run burns up to 30% more calories than any other treadmill on the market.

This curved treadmill brings high intensity interval training to a new level since there are no buttons to reach for when you want to increase or decrease intensity or speed.


Some light assembly is required but full instructions are included. Comes in a pallet crate which can then be lifted in parts through any doorway and assembled. 
Running deck etc is pre assembled and all the usual important parts so there is only light installation required such as the monitor etc.