Horizontal chest/bench press

Horizontal chest/bench press

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The Mac Strength ISO Lateral Horizontal Chest Press has both horizontal and vertical grips to simulate the standard bench press. Firstly, this machine has been designed to move with the body! The Mac Strength Lateral Horizontal chest press yields results through strength training. Therefore, this machine is perfect for anyone willing to put in the work!

Independent movement allows you to move both limbs together, individually, alternating and also with different weight loads on each side!

This Mac Strength machine is a great entry level machine, and comes at great value. As a result, the safety and versatility of this bench are second to none!

This machine combines the best features of free weights and also segmented machines. This allows you to train without a spotter and even reduce the risk of injury. The Mac ISO Lateral Horizontal Chest Press controls the range of motion and also offers an efficient support structure.