Insportline S1000 Pro Spinning Bike
Insportline S1000 Pro Spinning Bike
Insportline S1000 Pro Spinning Bike
Insportline S1000 Pro Spinning Bike
Insportline S1000 Pro Spinning Bike
Insportline S1000 Pro Spinning Bike
Insportline S1000 Pro Spinning Bike
Insportline S1000 Pro Spinning Bike
Insportline S1000 Pro Spinning Bike
Insportline S1000 Pro Spinning Bike
Insportline S1000 Pro Spinning Bike
Insportline S1000 Pro Spinning Bike
Insportline S1000 Pro Spinning Bike
Insportline S1000 Pro Spinning Bike

Insportline S1000 Pro Spinning Bike

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The Spin Bike inSPORTline inCondi S1000i is a professional machine that allows you to have fun during your workout. Apart from the wide variety of programs, it also allows you to listen to your favorite music and watch your favorite videos (USB port). And it gets better! You can sync the machine with the app and expand your exercise options – preset any route anywhere in the world in Google Maps! On the color screen, you can choose from 12 preset programs, the popular HRC program, the interesting Race program or create your very own program

The heavy flywheel (20kg) is placed in the rear, making the machine perfectly balanced and stable. The magnetic braking system allows for quiet running and smooth changing of resistance levels. The seat and the handles can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally, allowing you to adjust the machine to your height. Moreover, this model has two types of handles for a more authentic riding position.


flywheel is an integral part of every spin bike. The Spin Bike inSPORTline inCondi S1000i‘s flywheel is placed in the rear, making it perfectly balanced and allowing for a more authentic cycling experience. The flywheel weighs 20kg, ensuring smooth and quiet running.

The correct sitting position is extremely important as it allows you to exercise effectively on your spin bike. In order to achieve it, you need the correct frame. This model allows you to adjust the vertical and horizontal position of both the seat and the handles to your height. The two types of handles allow for a more authentic riding position. The handles also have built-in heart rate monitors.

This model offers as many as 29 different programs, including the popular HRC program12 race programs or a virtual ride in the countryside. However, the LCD color screen allows you to do much more than that! Thanks to the USB port, you can connect an external hard drive and watch your favorite videos or listen to your favorite music

The app allows you to preset any route anywhere in the world in Google Maps. The resistance adjusts to the actual terrain, making the running even more realistic. The app also allows you to control the machine’s functions from your tablet/phone, save your training data or plan your training sessions in advance.

FitShow app functions:

  • Allows you to save and analyze your training sessions
  • Training in different environments – prairie, iceberg, forest, desert
  • Maps – ride anywhere in the world
  • Allows you to set target value
  • Allows you to set monthly goal
  • Allows you to plan your training sessions in advance

Key features:

  • Top-class, electronically controlled professional machine
  • possibility to connect with applications via Bluetooth
    • FitShow (Android 7.0+) / FitShow LITE (iOS8.0+)
      • Scenery - simulation of a passing landscape
      • Locus Map - preset routes on maps (top view)
      • Workout - preset programs
      • Target Mode - target selection (distance, time, calories burned)
      • the possibility of creating your own training plan
      • offer of recommended advisors for exercise and a healthy lifestyle
      • training history
    • Test the compatibility of applications with your mobile device in advance
    • Have WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS enabled for proper application functionality
    • inSPORTline is not a developer of the mentioned applications and does not accept responsibility for possible errors or incompatibilities of applications (in case of problems we are willing to help)
  • Multi-purpose handles for different grips
  • LCD color screen that allows you to watch videos and listen to music
  • Magnetic braking system ensures quiet running
  • SPD combined pedals (Possibility of connecting the foot to the pedal so that the foot exerts not only the force of pressure but also the force of pull)
  • Seat and handles can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally
  • Perfectly balanced frame with powerful flywheel
  • Bluetooth is not intended for audio playback
  • USB port (supports MP3, 1280*768 resolution videos, MP4, MKV)
  • Screen: 1024*600 TFT LCD 7”
  • Internal memory: 64 MB
  • 29 programs (3x target program, 1x HRC program, 1x virtual scenery, 12x race, 12x preset program)
  • User program
  • HRC program: machine automatically adjusts resistance to keep user in optimal heart rate zone
  • Screen displays: time, speed, distance, calories, heart rate, revolutions per minute


Technical description:

Flywheel weight

20 kg

Resistance operation


Number of resistance modes


Braking system






HRC program


Horizontally adjustable seat


Vertically adjustable seat


Horizontally adjustable handlebars


Vertically adjustable handlebars


Emergency brake


Flywheel & belt cover


Water bottle holder


Tablet holder


Transportation wheels


Uneven surface adjustment




Heart rate monitor


HR belt receiver

yes, for unencrypted analog 5kHz signal
recommended Sigma 5kHz (range 1 meter, with the possibility of replacing the battery) or Polar T34 (range 4 m, without the possibility of replacing the battery)

HR belt included



Length 170.5 x width 62 x height 151.5 cm

Seat height

92 - 118 cm

Weight limit

150 kg

Maximum user height

200 cm


66 kg

Input power


Power source

AC adaptor 12V, 3A


SC (EN ISO 20957)


Commercial, home