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Leg curl/leg extension combo
Leg curl/leg extension combo

Leg curl/leg extension combo

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Leg Extension and Leg Curl Machine

This is the perfect machine to target two major muscle groups, the quadriceps and hamstrings. What’s more, it also offers a quick and simple transition between these two groups. This means that the user can optimise their time in the gym without also having to switch machines between sets.

This versatile piece of equipment is used for two main muscle building leg exercises, both leg extensions and hamstring curls.

The leg extension is a vital movement in strengthening your quads and patellar ligament, giving your knee added stability. The hamstring curl trains the often-neglected hamstrings. The beauty of this machine is that it allows for direct targeting of the quads and hamstrings. This can be hard to find in other machines. This specific targeting protects you from injury, increases leg strength and provides greater flexibility. The machine is both fully commercial and suitable for any gym environment.


Comes with 100kg weight stack