Leg Curl machine

Leg Curl machine

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Our Mac Strength Pro Series range includes our highest graded and most premium machines. During the design phase of our Pro Series, we considered how we could improve our current weight-stacked and plate-loaded machines in order to increase user satisfaction. The resulting products consist of thicker steel that increases unit stability and product lifetime. Stronger cables and steel pulleys to support heavier weight, reduce fraying in the future, and offer a smoother workout experience. Improved biomechanics which allows for a greater range of motion by the user. Enhanced ergonomics, designed to promote safety and comfort. Last but not least, our Bolt Strength Pro Series is aesthetically very pleasing with a simple, blackout design including our Bolt Strength Logo.

The Mac Strength PRO SERIES seated leg curl machine is ideal for giving those hamstring muscles a strong burn. The machine is adjustable so people of different body types and of different levels of flexibility can effectively utilize it. This machine is designed to be both a safe and effective tool. It can also be used by itself or in conjunction will other exercises for a great lower body workout.


100kg stacks - 5kg increments 

Sleek magnetic weight selector pin


Easy to assemble, instructions available via WhatsApp to make assembling easier 

We offer free delivery UK and Irish nationwide along with optional professional assembly for all products at an additional fee.