Pec dec/ rear delt combo machine
Pec dec/ rear delt combo machine

Pec dec/ rear delt combo machine

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Our Mac Strength Pro Series range includes our highest graded and most premium machines. 
This range includes heavy gauge frames, upgraded cables, heavy duty pulley wheels and precision machined components along with high quality upholstery.

The Pec Dec function allows you to perform the chest fly exercise using a cable machine. This exercise is great for directly targeting and growing the pectoral muscles as it allows for a wide range of motion while keeping your body well supported. This body support allows you to work the pecs alone without bringing alternative muscle groups into the equation.

The Rear Delt function offers the perfect exercise for growing the rear part of the shoulder (rear deltoid). With the rear delt being a specifically difficult muscle group to train in isolation, this machine is the perfect solution. Free weight exercises that target the rear delt are often ineffective due to the instability of the exercise being performed. This machine will focus directly on your deltoids! Unlike your front and medial deltoid, the rear delt does not get stimulated in your traditional pushing movements. So, in your next workout make sure to add a few sets on the Bolt Strength Rear Delt Machine!


  • Weight: 228kg
  • Size:1260×1480×1980mm
  • Packing Size:2020×1170×320mm
  • Weight Stack: 100kg